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Has this ever happened to you:

Data RecoveryYou deleted a file that you shouldn't have and now you need it back. You've searched everywhere on your hard drive and cannot locate it.

Or, your hard drive crashed (they all do. It's just a matter of time) and your hundreds of dollars worth of music or all of your daughter's wedding pictures are on it. (You do backup your files, don't you?)

No worry! Chances are all is not lost.

The first thing you must remember in the case of deleted files is that you must stop using your computer immediately. And when I say immediately, I men RIGHT NOW! The longer you use the computer after you've deleted a file the greater the chance that it will not be retrievable.

There are two types of hard drive crashes; a logical crash and a physical crash.

Logical crashes are caused by bad areas on the surface of the hard drive and recovering files is normally a simple matter however files that were located on the bad area of the drive will be lost.

Physical crashes are caused by a hard drive hardware failure (circuit board, motor, read/write arms, etc.).

If you've deleted files or if your hard drive experienced a logical failure, I can help.

If your hard drive experienced a physical failure, only a data recovery lab can help and I will help find one for you. A data recovery lab will take your hard drive apart and place it's platters (the spinning disks) on their specialized equipment in a dust free "white room". This kind of recovery can be costly, however, but I've had customers do this because their data was so valuable to them.

So, if you've lost files or your hard drive has crashed, please give me a call. I can help.

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