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Help when you need it - F A S T !

HelpMurphy's 3rd Law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." This is especially true with computers. And when something does go wrong it seems it happens at the worst possible time.

Your computer won't start or freezes; you can't print; you're seeing error messages on your screen; you can't install software or connect to the Internet... Have any of these things ever happen to you? If so, you know that you need someone you can contact and get help promptly. Prompt response is what I pride myself on. Many problems can be resolved over the phone or through email and best of all, phone and email support is FREE!!!*

Every effort will be made to resolve your problem via phone or email but there are occasions where this will not be possible in which case a service call will be necessary.

* Phone support lasting more than 1 hour will be subject to a nominal fee.

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