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Training for all ages

Key Benefits

  • One on One Instruction.
  • Learn only what you need to know.
  • Instruction is given in the comfort of your own home or office.

What You Can Learn...

Basic Computer Skills - Learn about computer hardware, Windows, Printers, Scanners, burning CD's, making backup copies and much, much, more.

Basic training on Microsoft Word and Excel - Learn how to type a letter, print an envelope, start a simple spreadsheet and more.

Email - Learn how to write and send emails that include attachments such as photos of loved ones. Learn how to detach an attachment and save it. I'll also explain what you should and shouldn't open to safe guard your computer from viruses.

Internet - Otherwise know as the Information Super Highway and the Word Wide Web. Learn how to surf the Web and discover the wealth of information it has to offer. Learn how to shop securely online and the many benefits of online shopping.

Instruction is designed around the individual. There is no set curriculum to the classes. You'll learn only what you wish to learn and you go at your own pace. Group instruction is available as well if desired.

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