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Key Benefits

  • Access the Internet faster
  • Open applications faster
  • Faster file access
  • And as an extra benefit, your computer will be safer

Does your computer seem to be running slow?

Slow ComputerIt's inevitable. At some point in time your computer will start to slow down. It'll take longer to open a Web page, or start a program, or call up a file. It will take longer to boot. This can be caused by many things; system clutter, unnecessary programs loading when you turn on your computer, unnecessary entries in the Registry, lots of temporary files, temporary Internet files, cookies and History file entries, viruses and spyware infections, etc. All computer will slow down eventually just from normal use.

If your computer is running slow or if you would just like to have it checked out to be sure there are no unwanted or undesirable programs running on it please give me a call.

My tune-ups consist of the following:

  • 2 mirror images are made of the hard drive. This means that all of your files are safe.
  • The hard drive is thoroughly scanned for virus/spyware infections and all that are detected are removed..
  • All temporary files, temporary Internet files, cookies and History files are removed.
  • All Internet browsers are reset. For example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • All unnecessary programs that start when your computer is turned on will be prevented from starting.
  • All unnecessary items in the Registry are removed.
  • The computer is checked for security vulnerabilities and will be fixed if any are found.
  • Several specialized programs are used to get into all the "nooks and crannies" of a computer and will fix all issues that are detected.

In addition, I will check how much room is available on your hard drive. A drive that is almost full will slow down a computer. I will also review the Internet security that you have running and the amount of RAM (memory) you have and make recommendations if necessary.

So stop putting up with a slow computer. Call today. I will get your computer running like new again.

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