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Compuer VirusWhat Viruses and Spyware Can Do:

They can:

  • Take over your computer and send emails on your behalf.

  • Log your keystrokes which means the sender of the virus will know your every move on your computer including finding out what your user names and passwords are for your banking and credit card accounts, emails, twitter and facebook accounts; your social security number; and your bank account numbers, etc.
  • Hide or delete your files and programs.
  • Erase everything in your computer..
  • Make your computer impossible to use.
  • Trick you into purchasing fake security or computer fix programs which are actually viruses in and of themselves.
  • Attack your security programs rendering them useless.
  • Prevent Windows programs from working that can help remove infections.
  • Redirect Internet searches to nefarious Web sites.
  • Stop Windows updates from being installed.
  • Download adult material into your computer.
  • Send compromised emails from your computer that will look like you sent them.

I'm asked time and again why do people write viruses. The answer is because there's a lot of money to be made in stealing people's information. Another answer is that some people sometimes do it just for kicks and do it just because they can.

You can become infected any number of ways, for example:

  • Opening up an attachment in a forwarded email or an email from someone you don't know.
  • Opening up and clicking on links embedded in an email that seems to be from a legitimate company. These are called phishing emails.
  • Copying an infected file from someone else's computer.
  • Or simply by logging on to a Web site.
  • Not having a firewall running.
  • Not having your wireless Internet connection encrypted.

It is crucial that your computer be protected from attacks. To do this you need 3 vital components: a firewall (only 1), an anti-virus program (only 1 if you're not using Windows 10), and several anti-spyware programs. And if you have a wireless network, it must encrypted and the user name and password to access your wireless router needs to be changed.

But, no matter how well protected your computer may be, it will get infected. No Internet security program can protect your computer 100% of the time. I don't care what those TV ads claim. Why? Because hundreds of new viruses and spyware programs are issued every month. And until your Internet security software is made aware of these new threats via being updated, these new threats can get into your computer. The means that there is a lag between the time a threat is issued and the time your Internet security programs receives an update. During this lag your computer could become infected. That's why it's vital that you keep your security programs up to date and that you run scans regularly.

So, if you suspect that your computer is infected give me a call. I will thoroughly scan your hard drive and remove all infections found. If the infections have damaged your computer in any way, I will make recommendations on how to rectify the problem. I will also evaluate whatever security protection that you have and recommend adjustments if necessary.

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